Take a few moments to check out the Psalm we’ll be using for our prayer time at 9:30 this Sunday morning. We’ll be looking at Psalm 71. It is a little bit longer than most of the Psalms we’ve used for our prayer time, but there are a few themes that are at the center of the Psalm. The Psalmist is praying to the LORD for protection and deliverance by appealing to God’s nature as our Rock. The Psalmist also acknowledges that God has been the object of his trust even before he was born, which shows us that we are dependent on God every moment of our lives. He then states that he will give God the glory and witness of his saving works to others as the LORD continues to deliver and protect him. Again, we’re probably not facing real human enemies who are seeking to do physical harm to us, but we do need God’s protection and provision throughout our lives. We can ask him for it because it’s his nature to care for us, and when he does, we must worship him and tell others of his gracious works on our behalf.

I hope that several of you will come prepared to tell of God’s gracious works in your life for his praise and our encouragement Sunday morning. Together, we will also appeal to God for his saving work and his provision to continue in our lives and to spread into the lives of others. Please join us for this time of testimony and prayer Sunday morning.

May Christ’s grace be with you all this weekend! Here’s a link to the text of this Psalm.