I’m (Todd) a little overdue on a 2nd month update. We (Davises) had the opportunity to take a few days before Memorial Day and go up to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming with my parents (Lew & Sandy Davis) who are out here in Colorado to visit for several days. It’s been great to be with my parents and to have the opportunity to enjoy the wild world that God created and rules over out here. He’s an imaginative, wise, powerful, beautiful, caring Lord of creation. IMG_2294We (Davises & Fishers) have loved the opportunity during some free time to enjoy God’s world here around Denver as well. It’s easy to see why people want to live here, and it’s easy to see how people can be pulled away from God and church involvement by the countless recreational opportunities available to them on the weekends. We welcome the challenge to tell people how crucial it is to worship the Creator, not his creation, and we want to show them their need for the One who came to redeem this fallen creation and their own souls more specifically. There is far more joy and eternal value to be gained in truly fellowshipping with Jesus Christ together with his body the Church. The marvel of his redeeming work in the lives of his people far surpasses the real but lesser glory of a snow-covered mountain, challenging hike, flowing stream, or wild animal.

Since I’ve mentioned the Fishers, I should let you know that they safely arrived out here at the beginning of May. They had quite an adventure when their moving truck broke down in the middle of Kansas, but the Lord faithfully got them here, and they’ve recovered from the loss of sleep and even got some money back from the truck rental for their troubles. Truck Break DownDanielle posted a note on Facebook that gives the story more fully, and Ryan may describe it in more detail at some point. We’re very grateful to have them out here with us as friends and co-workers. You can pray that God will continue to strengthen our friendship and partnership. Ryan & Danielle have an offer on a house (different than any I’ve mentioned before), and it looks likely that they’re going to get this one. It will be a great house for hospitality purposes, and it’s located in the southern part of our target area. So, you can pray that if the Lord would be willing, they would get this house soon and be able to use it for making and training disciples for Christ. Danielle is in the orientation process with her job as a labor and delivery nurse at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Denver, and Ryan is busy at work in his home office now. You can pray for Danielle’s work and ministry opportunities from her interaction with co-workers and patients. And pray for Ryan as he adjusts to working from home as well.

Speaking of “labor and delivery” and being “overdue,” we’re (Davises) hoping that Carissa isn’t going to be overdue come the early part of December when she’s supposed to give birth to our second child. We’re very excited and thankful to the Lord for this gift. Carissa was very tired and sick for a couple of weeks, but the Lord has brought her through most of that, and even during that time, God was gracious to give her energy on the days she worked. The Lord has also demonstrated his goodness to us in giving Carissa plenty of days of fill-in work while she is trying to nail down a permanent job. Hygienists regularly administer anesthesia out here, so Carissa has to get certified for that, and there aren’t any available courses right now for this purpose. This has delayed her in securing a job, but we’re hopeful that she’ll be able to get something permanent soon even before she’s able to complete the certification course. You can certainly continue to pray about all this still. Brode is doing well and is pretty much adjusted to life out here by now. He loves riding in his bike trailer and is happy to have Ryan and Danielle out here. IMG_1824bWe still haven’t heard a response on our offer on the short-sale house, amazingly, so we’ve decided to build a house. It’s going to be a really good house for having people over, and it’s cheaper than most of what we’ve looked at so far, so we’re thankful and excited. If all goes well, the house should be ready by early September. It’s going to be located in the northern part of our target area, so it looks like we and the Fishers are going to be able to meet people in different parts of our target area, which is good.

We’re making good progress in some of the initial things we have to do. We’re going through the governmental requirements right now regarding incorporation, 501(C)(3) status, etc., so please pray that all will go well with this process. Also, we’ve pretty much finalized our logo, so Ryan is working on building a website. Pray for him because he’s learning how to do it as he goes. This will also allow us to get some business cards printed and some other literature. We’re looking into places to meet and may have an opportunity in a school depending on whether or not a custodian is willing to do some work on a Sunday. There are some other places we’re looking at too, so please pray for the Lord’s guidance and provision in giving us a place to meet. We’d love to start having services in the Fall, but we want to make sure we’re ready to go and aren’t rushing ahead. In the meanwhile, we’d like to get a Bible study or two started. If Ryan and Danielle are able to get into the house soon, that will be a perfect place to hold a Bible study. If not, we’ll have to find somewhere else, so please pray about this too. Please pray that the Lord will develop a core group for the church plant from the people we’re meeting and will meet. Please pray that God will use us all to draw people to Christ in salvation and to disciple his people.

Lastly, I’d like to ask you to pray for some people that are considering moving out here to help us. I’m not sure whether or not some of the people in this group want me to publicize their names, but I can at least ask you to pray for Matt and Kate LaCava, Paul and Tara Hurst, and Neill Marks. US Map2We’re excited about the possibility of having them join us, but we mostly want for them to follow Christ where he is leading them. Also, when Carissa and I came out here in February, Tony and Diana Cromer came with us to see if God would have them to move here too. Please ask God to make it clear to them what he’d have them to do and to make it possible for them to make the move if that’s what he wants.

We’re enjoying this venture on which God has set us. Our faith is being strengthened as we see him work, often in different ways than what we expected, and as we wait to see him work. We’re being driven to prayer more than ever, asking him to build his church for the glory of his name and the joy of his people and committing ourselves to him for his use. We greatly appreciate your prayers because we know that God delights to use the prayers of his people in accomplishing his purposes of furthering the kingdom of Jesus Christ in this world. Please keep praying as we keep working and depending on God’s blessing on the work.

Praying for Christ’s grace and peace upon all of you,